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Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a technique that helps reveal past events that negatively affect you emotionally and mentally. It is an effective method that uncovers belief patterns that you may not be aware of, and it helps patients access their subconscious minds through deep trance techniques. This therapy can provide solutions to a variety of problems, including fears, phobias, guilt, shame, infertility, self-confidence, obesity, sexual abuse, sexual preferences, family and relationship problems, and many others.

The session can be done online or face-to-face, and during the session, you may even travel to other dimensions and universes to gain guidance from your guides, higher self, or deceased loved ones.

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Past life regression therapy can help you channel your essence into your life and heal your soul’s wounds that you may have carried for lifetimes. This is the opportunity for you to embrace your potential and light, healing space to unlock your soul’s memories and remember your wisdom, lessons, and skills

I use a relaxation technique to put you in a deep trance, and visualization techniques to safely guide you through your past life, other realms, a parallel world, your childhood, and even your mother’s womb. Breathing and color techniques are also used to release all the emotions that your body has stored during past life or this life traumas.

During the Past life regression session, its your SOUL that decides what you need to overcome, such as fears and phobias that you may not know the source of, or on some other level of life that you need healing. Past life regression can also help with health issues by resolving or releasing deep physical and emotional pain that remains unexplainable medically. It can also help resolve unresolved issues in past lives that may be affecting your present life like the feeling of unworthiness, trust and anger issues.

There are also some repeating patterns, relation problems, infertility, eating dissorder, anxiety, obeisity etc. Past life regression therapy can provide many benefits beyond healing past traumas. It can help you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in your current life and develop a greater sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. You can release limiting thoughts, behaviors, and the weight of the past, acquire wisdom, and achieve spiritual growth. This type of therapy can also lead to a shift in perspective and values, allowing you to see the world and your experiences in a new light. One of the most remarkable benefits of past life regression is the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, guides, and guardian angels who have passed on to the other side. These spiritual beings can provide guidance, comfort, and healing energy during the regression process.

As a practitioner of past life regression therapy, I approach each session with an open and loving heart to provide a life changing experience. I will be happy to assist you by creating a safe and supportive space where you can explore your past lives and heal your soul’s wounds.


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What do they say

S. Larre
Thank you very much
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First of all, thank you very much for this amazing work. You game me such good confidence and guided me so well that after I started being deep trance, I was completely sure within this session we would solve my problem and doing it with you, gave me a great confidence.

Throughout the session, we touched on every point in the depths of my mind, even the memories that I have not remembered, and those memories i couldnt make sense of. It was hard to belive that the problem that I carried with me for years would be solved in two hours, but when I felt that it was solved at the end of the session, I thought a miracle had happened.
M. Edwarda
I am so lucky to know you.
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When I finally caome to my senses, I really wasn't who I was two hours ago. I can't thank you again and again for managing my subconscious work so well and making me feel so good afterwards. Good luck yo you. I am so lucky to know you.
R. Byrne
Thank you for your valuable help...
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Thank you so much our session tonight. Before I started the session, I really felt lost emotionally, but this experice reminded me of what I lost inside, I understood more clearly now that as a humanbeing we need always develop spiritually.

I felt that I was carrying the emotional burdens of my family members and what I went through it was so much far beyond the burdens. Actualy who I am now, it s a result of the sum of these. this session made me to look from a point I could not see, thank you for your valuable help...